Payments, Today.

$0 transaction fees save your business money

0% APR lines + 5-15% cashback when you spend

Easy, Free & Secure

Easy to use Mobile App

Easily embeddable API

Here is our take on payments 🪄

All our costs are upfront and transparent. No gimmicks, no hidden fees, no nothing.


Accept payments for your business and pay based on your businesses revenue.


Spend without interest, pay it back when you're ready as a subscribed member.

No uncapped fees

Whether you're a business or shopper, enjoy total peace of mind, bye-bye uncapped fees.


Shopper & Business Synchronicity 📈 

Sound to good to be true? It's not! We save businesses money on Ads, Transaction Fees and Listings when you checkout using mesh.Pay. In return, we ask businesses to pass forward the savings directly to you.




For Your Business 🛍

Accepting payments through mesh.Pay is simple - we're more than a payment solution, we're your partner for growth.

What you pay...

🌈 It's simple...

Online business = no hardware cost 🚫.

Once onboarded, we'll calculate your monthly flat fee 💲.

Lastly, have the choice to pay forward your savings to your customers 🤎.


✔️ Hardware - $150 (One time per unit - in needs person only)


✔️ FREE to use on any iOS compatible hardware (iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.) 📱


✔️ FREE Online store 🤌 No hardware cost!


Software - Plans start at $41.99 (per month) 🔋

Calculated each month based on revenue 💵


Down month? Lower fee. 😉

Our rates...

Revenue < $70,000 Per Month

🟢$41.99 Per Month

Revenue < $100,000 Per Month

🟢$45.99 Per Month

Revenue < $150,000 Per Month

🟢$49.99 Per Month

Appreciation Fee

Appreciation Fee - Make a sale - optionally give in-store cashback 🤩

Everything given back is applied as a discount or dollar value in your store only! 💰

Embedded loyalty program that pays for itself, thanks to the money we save you! 💳

Get Started Now!

For Your Spending 💳

No Interest Fees, No late fees, No credit dings, No nothing. Introducing the future of digital payments, we're the first charge card that puts you first.

100% Interest Free .

No Hidden Fees.

24/7 Live Support.

What you pay...

⚖️ 2 Options
  • Enjoy a free version with the basics!


  • mesh.Plus, the ultimate Spend and Save product.

  • Social spending + basic cashback + banking services​  
  • 24/7 Mental Health Support Line

  • Access Exclusive Merchant Deals

Get Started Now!

✨ mesh.Plus ✨
  • Everything in free + up to 5-15% Cashback + interest free credit lines up to $200 instantly!

Starting at $15.99 Per Month!

We care about you.

Mental health is something we take very seriously, so in addition to our mission statement revolving around it, we also include free 24/7 support lines, so just pick up the phone and call us. Even if you just need to chat, we care about you.

Your Friend in Finance.